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Swiss music producer, DJ, drummer, Simon in Wonderland brings the analog and digital world together by creating a new kind of performing music: a simultaneous mix between a drummer and a DJ. From upbeat electronic with heavy bass lines, to a touch of dub-glitch with erespheric chords, fused with high definition drumming jungle.

Influenced in early life by the sounds of artists James Brown, Queen, Brian Eno and George Gershwin to name a few, Simon went on to university in Basel, Switzerland where he studied classical percussion and jazz and received a BA in musical arts. By the age of 21, Simon had his own music studio and began producing music for artists of various genres.

Simon in Wonderland’s improvisational approach always lands cohesively, blending unrelated sounds together suited for every mood. The real reward for Simon is the sense of community while performing. “The unbridled power and energy that music can communicate. You see it in the crowd. A connected vibe and everyone is dancing. Everyone is friends. Building relationships between the unexpected.”


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